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Prospective Graduate Students

We are constantly looking for motivated, hard-working, enthusiastic Master and Ph.D. students with research interests that are well aligned with ours. The potential research topics include but not limited to:     

  • Legged Robotics and Exoskeletons

  • Dynamics and Kinematics

  • Nonlinear Optimal Control 

  • Nonlinear Trajectory Optimization 

  • Adaptive Robust Control 

  • Learning-based Feedback Control

For graduate student positions, you must already be admitted to a graduate program at the Ohio State University to be considered. For additional questions, please email Dr. Hereid with a cover letter describing your research background and career plans, a resume or CV, and the names and contact information for at least three references.

Ohio State Undergraduate Students

We are also welcome to motivated and talented undergraduate students to help us achieve the goals in the Cyberbotics Lab. Ohio State Undergraduate students who are interested in robotics particularly legged locomotion and autonomous control, please contact Dr. Hereid with your CV and a statement of your research interests.