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The central motivating theme of the research conducted at the Cyberbotics Lab is to develop elegant and principled control methodologies for robotics to achieve autonomous and dynamic motions that have long been promised by science fiction. We strive to tackle this problem by integrating the modern numerical optimization methods with formal control theory. More specifically, we build and experiment with highly visible bipedal robots and robotic assistive devices as a means to achieve our research objectives. The research at the Cyberbotics Lab will focus on the computational and theoretic challenges present in the experimental implementation of advanced nonlinear control algorithms on complex dynamical platforms, and extend the formal understanding to a variety of safety-critical autonomous and robotic systems, with an ultimate goal to fundamentally change the way robots are moving in the world. We will fully embrace the multidisciplinary challenges in robotics, and strives to develop advanced robotics technology that can significantly improve the quality of life of our society.

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